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Skechers USA, Inc. is a North American lifestyle and performance footwear company. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, the brand was founded in 1992 and is now the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States.


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James says

"There shoes do not last. Too expensive for what you get. Also they try to force you to wear a mask in Pharr Texas location. Definitely No more sketches for me"

Victoria Bressler says

"I bought my husband a pair of work clogs and less then 6 months they were falling apart at the sole. I tried to contact the online store as this is how I bought them. They sent me on a loop that ended with no where. I wasn't even able to talk to anyone. Poor quality poor customer service. Never again"

Angie says

"Ordered 30/12/2020 pair of trainers uk based site now traced to Belgium.PayPal are now involved UPS have been waiting week for my package.yet Skechers says it been posted.every email I sent to Skechers has been blocked.but took photos as proof including what my email says. Skechers Elite member also"

Vicki Youngelman says

"I am a Skechers Elite Member. I purchase tons of Skechers. The issue is trying to return anything. I never had to up till now. The return process goes through a chat online person. Good luck on finding that out. Next, if you are returning two pairs of shoes the return label will give only one pair of shoes in the description of the returned contents. Back online you go to the chat person. You describe the issue and you are then told one label is good for both of them. NO way would I stand for that because I need a credit to be placed to my credit card. I called customer service and I am told the same thing one label is okay. OH no. Finally, the online representative sent me another label for the second pair that I can enclose in the return box. I love Skechers but from now on I have to purchase them in another way. P. S. how is a customer supposed to know all this info?"

AJ says

"My first order from Skechers direct: The shoes arrived with 2 different size shoes in the box. Would not offer any form of assistance only suggesting I return the order and reorder from them, no exchanges. Slight issue here, they advertise a easy returns process but suggest I wait for them as they are unable to accept returns at the moment in their European distribution centre. This was ordered from the UK site. Second order: In stock and available on the UK site, ordered on the 8th. Received confirmation that the order had been dispatched on the 15th. Pathetic. If you want Skechers, you're better off buying a copy of them or just go with a better brand. The company itself does not care about it's customers whatsoever."

Stacy Dewey says

"I have always bought sketchers, never had any issues with them, love the shoes, however they have lost mine and my families business. Had a pair of shoes only 6 months, the back of the heal on the outside ripped out. They were not even worn every day. I even had the receipt for proof. Spent money to ship them to there quality department and they won't exchange them. Said that we have had them to long. Shoes should last longer than 6 months!!! I didn't even ask for my money back just an exchange. So disapointed, well another shoe brand can our business!!!"

Mr. Talbot says

"I have a pair of sketchers trainers, are they comfortable yes, but build quality is suspect, They have come apart at the toe glue just gave up, inside lining has worn away in only a short time, disappointed with them given all the hype they are given."

Peter says

"Wish I had read reviews prior to dealing with Skechers. Their customer service is appalling when it comes to replying and returns. They would not return a pair of shoes where the pair color slightly differed (manufacture fault)."

Jennifer Barnwell says

"Horrible, scammers, don’t do any orders online, in store Associates are not helpful and don’t know much about anything and are rude"

Stuart Allan says

"I bought a pair of skechers hoping for comfort as I have a arthiritic hip, but it has not worked out well. I find they have very little grip in wet weather on leaves or paper on the ground. Recently I had a pin come through the heel, I dont know if is something I have stood on or a fault in the heel,but it has given me a sore foot. Give the shoes there due as they were comfy and slip on."

Mark Mattingly says

"I will never purchase Skechers again. I bought a pair of #77152 work shoes in May 2020 and the left shoe separated from the sole in less than 6 months. I contacted their customer service department and they refused to replace the defective shoes."

Max says

"(For canadians) The delivery company they chose is offering a terrible service! I will not be home tomorrow to receive the package, so it will be returned to the Loomis Express depot in Lachine. It is 32 km from my home !!! How do I go and collect the package if I don't have a car ?! Why not have chosen Canada Post, which offers a proximity service everywhere in Canada? Their choice of delivery provider means that I will never buy on their website again! If I had wanted to travel all over town to buy shoes, I would have gone to the store! I am sincerely disappointed with their service."

Lisa troxell says

"73762/gray, plane Jane. When I went to my local shoe show store, I found these street skechers, tried them on, they felt good. I have trouble walking because of feet trouble. So I bought these. But as I started walking, they brought blood from my heal. They caused a blister. I could not switch shoes at the time. Really sad these shoes did not work. I want to leave a picture of the blood on my shoe... But can't find the photo spot."

Kimberly says

"I have been trying since December 12 to order a pair of shoes. The site.lets me look around and even add stuff to the cart but when I go to the cart the site bumps me out or says technical difficulties. They don't take orders over the phone & the customer service rep even told me to buy them on another site, They are more expensive on that site and I can't use my $10 reward. I'm really mad. I love skechers and the shoes I am wanting are not available at the store. They should have been able to fix the site by now."

Alan Thruston says

"I found an Add for Skechers shoes and the price was cheaper than normal. I found the shoes i had been looking for and purchased two pairs in Brown. What showed up was a newer version of the same shoe. 1/ It was made in China and not Vietnam, where they used to be made. The shoes were far to narrow and painful to put on. 2/ the styling had changed for the worse with a crucial bit of support on the sole now missing. 3/ the quality was far more rigid and thus uncomfortable. 4/ The shoe was not as pleasing to look at and the collaring different by shade. 5/ I wanted to return them but found there was no Free return service label and had to pay £10 to do so. 6/ Skechers has now been removed from my choices."

Richard says

"Hi, I'm currently seeking medical advise due to severe pain in my right foot and heels, feels like a trapped nerve which causes sevre pain through numbness and tingling, this pain also escalates through my right hand lower body into the lower back. I've recently had an mri scan and am awaiting the results. These problems have only come on since i have been wearing my pair of sketchers, for roughly 2 years....."

Ryan Wigglesworth says

"bought a number of sketchers shoes and boots from a third party. the boots eyelet thingy broke, the kids light ups didnt light up on one foot properly. contacted warranty at sketchers, told that those styles are not in stock or made anymore and that i can get 95$ towards replacements from their website. the problem is the site sells the boots for 125 and the kids shoe for 58. that's 183 worth of shoes but only 95 replacement value. i cant even get a single pair of comparable boots for the 95 lol. turned off of sketchers now. seems their warranty is a bit of a scam if your style isnt in stock or made anymore!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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